IUT Nice

Lectures Synthesis:

Architecture (ASR 1 et 2):  30h
Introduction to networking (ASR5):   33h
Introduction to C programming:6h
Network, Internet, and web:27h

From October 2011 to September 2012, I was teaching in IT department of the IUT of Nice. I had the following teaching:

Practical lectures/lectures on Networks, Internet and Web - 2011
This course covers the concepts of Web server administration and Web programming.

Practical lectures ASR1 - 2012
The objective of this course is to present what are the components of computers, how programs are executed and the link between software and hardware.

Practical lecturesA SR2 - 2012
This is an introduction to networks for first year students of the IUT. This course aims to present a five layers model (physical, link, network, transport, application) and the main features of each layer.

Practical lectures on Introduction to C - 2012
Introduction to C

Administrative tasks and communication activities:

  • IUT's open day and demonstrations at Nice and Sophia
  • Studyrama show in Nice

I am author of a Book chapter for Master students or PhD students on dynamic adaptation

Polytech'Nice Sophia

Lectures synthesis:

Introduction to Internet:29h
Distributed systems:47h
Update on Unix:    3h30
Adaptive middleware for ubiquitous computing:12h

I also held a junior teacher position at the Polytech'Nice-Sophia school of engineering between 2008 and 2011.

Practical lectures/lectures on Unix - 2008-2011
The purpose of this teaching is to familiarize post bac students to Unix.

Practical lectures on Unix - 2008
These practical lectures was under my responsabilities. The purpose of this teaching was to familiarize students from the Math dept to Unix.

Practical lectures on Middleware for Context awareness - 2008-2010
Design of one practical lecture about Context Toolkit following a lecture on context-aware middleware.

Practical lectures on distributed applications - 2009-2010
Practical lectures on distributed applications (java sockets, apache server administration, webservices (.net, Axis ...)

Lectures on UDDI - 2009-2011
Lectures on UDDI, REST and UPnP

Practical lectures - Introduction to Internet - 2009-2011
The purpose of this course was to introduce web programming to students (html,css,javascript,php).

Jury CNAM - 2009
Membre du jury d'une soutenance finale d'un élève ingénieur du CNAM à grenoble.

Jury member for Smart objects lecture - 2010, 2012
Membre du jury des soutenances de la matière objects communicants des filières IAm (SI5 et Master 2) à polytech'Nice Sophia Antipolis.

Administrative tasks and communication activities:

  • Polytech'Nice Sophia 's open day

Ubinet International Master

I had the upportunity during my thesis to participate to lecture common to Master 2 ubinet and the Polytech'Nice Sophia engineering school (5th year). These lecture were associated to my research topic.

Jury member of Middleware for ubiquitous computing lecture- 2010

Lecture on Adaptive Middleware - 2011
Lecture (eng) for Ubinet Master 2 students on Middleware for ubiquitous computing and adaptive middleware.

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